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Social Media – Photos and Videos; effective?

The effectiveness of photos and videos.

I ask you not to underestimate the effectiveness of photos and videos. For I am about to show you how important these are. In our social media experiments, it has been proven that photos and videos do better in comparison to text-only posts. Somewhere on the internet, I heard someone say “text is lame.” Both you and I may not entirely agree with the words: “text is lame,” but it’s how they think of text. A picture is worth a thousand words… isn’t it? Have you not come across this saying? Because I have. The saying basically means a picture can tell you a lot. Could you use 1000 words to describe exactly how somebody’s face looks in some photograph? That would be a challenge, wouldn’t it?

Now, let me tell you something. If you are going to want to get more exposure for your social media posts then you are going to have to go with the flow and cope with your audience’s short attention span. A long, text-only post has had the tendency to do poorly. Any post that is short and concise is preferred. Remember that clearly. Be sure to get to the point and you’ll see an improvement in your engagement rate. It only makes sense now that you would get more exposure in this way. Posts with more engagements show more often and this is from personal experience.

Try and think of the situation from their point of view. What if you had an attention span issue? Would you have bothered enough to read a long paragraph? Perhaps not because you come across a lot of them. Pictures stand out more, right? Perhaps imagery is not as boring to look at. The same goes for online video. What say you?

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Social Media – Invite your readers to join in!

Invite your readers to join in!

Posting content that invites discussion is a great way for an author to get reader engagement. If you do not ask your fans to share their thoughts, your fans may forget to do so.

If you are comfortable making a video of yourself, you should make one in which you look at, and speak to, the camera. Doing so makes the viewer feel you are speaking to them. Many people like videos and photos and I shall talk more about that in the next blog entry.

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Facebook Page – Target the right audience!

Publishing to the right people.

You may customise post targeting before publishing. You can publish to certain age groups – which means only the intended people will get to see your content.

But then again, you should make your posts family friendly if you will not use such targeting features, and this is because it’s likely that people of all ages will detect your content in their own news feeds.

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Facebook Page – Where is your primary audience located?

Where do your people live?

Point number four; where do your fans live? Let us look at it this way; if you are a USA resident, but all of your fans live in the United Kingdom, your posts would do well at the proper times of the day. You must compare your time zone to the United Kingdom’s and decide when to have your posts published. You need not stay glued to your seat though – you can schedule your posts for later publishing.

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Facebook Page – Multilingual posts

Posting in Multiple Languages made Easy

Point number three; there is an option in your page’s settings that makes publishing posts in various languages a breeze! Checked it out yet? No? Then do so! See which languages your fans understand, then use said features. If you’d post in English, adding Japanese translation, all people who would have Japanese selected as their language would see your status update in Japanese, not English. This way, both your English and Japanese fans get to understand you.

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Facebook Page – Age groups targeting

Age groups

Point number two; you would be wise to figure what age groups your fans fall in to. If the elderly are a small minority, it would be best not to post anything that isn’t ‘Grandma-friendly.’ Instead, it would be safest to post content that is family friendly. If all of your fans are teens, you should think about publishing more photos. Teens have a thing for pictures. Who knew? Heh… You don’t say…

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Facebook Page – Target gender

Masculine, Feminine or Uni-sex?

For point number one, you should publish posts that appeal to women if most of your fans are female. But do not forget those of the opposite gender! You don’t want to alienate them, either. If most of your fans are men, you would be better off making your content less girly. I will talk about age groups in the next post.

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Facebook Page – The Importance of Insights

You may use the power of your page’s insights to find:

• What percentage of your page’s likes are female or male;

• Which age groups your audience falls in to;

• Which languages your fans understand;

• In which countries your fans live.

Now, you might wonder how such statistics are of use to you. Let me tell you why I call such statistics, ‘actionable,’ in the next article.

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Got a Facebook Page? Read this before publishing.

First, it is important to know publishing content that appeals to your target audience is key to getting more engagement from your fans. There is a multitude of features available on Facebook, but you have not used them all. In that case, you would do well to look at your insights before even publishing any content. The insights for your page can also be called your page’s analytics.

I cannot stress enough how important your insights are because that’s the only way you will get detailed statistics for your page. In the next post, I’ll show you the importance of insights.